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Price $ 25.00 DOUBLE


Floripondio, known locally as ‘toé’, and as Angel’s Trumpet elsewhere, is a beautiful flowering plant, with an enchanting scent, although all parts of it are considered toxic. Native to the Andes and the tropical regions of South America, many Peruvian shamans believe that ingesting floripondio in practiced rituals allows them to communicate with their ancestors, and is is also used to treat illnesses and alleviate fevers.

Stories are told of people sleeping with the flower under their pillow, and when they need to solve an issue in their lives, the resolution will present itself in dreams.

Our Floripondio room is a peaceful space with our garden at its doorstep, located in our second house, at ground level. Floripondio includes a comfortable double bed, a private bathroom and shower, a chest of drawers to keep your belongings, and two lockable side-tables to secure your valuables. Your stay in this room will be one that generates a sense of tranquility and restfulness.