Price $ 25.00 DOUBLE


Dedicated by the Incas to their Sun God, Inti, the sacred flower Qantu can be found in white, yellow, pink, and vivid red colours. It is said that when an Inca participated in a ritual or a ceremony, his or her path was adorned with these flowers like a carpet, as a sign of respect.

Qantu is used also for colourful ornamentation; its thin branches are used to make baskets and from its leaves is obtained a yellow dye. It is said to have medicinal properties.

Our Qantu room is a beautiful, calm space with our garden at its doorstep, located in our second house, at ground level. Qantu includes a comfortable double bed, a private bathroom, a wardrobe to keep your belongings, and a vainity. Your stay in this room will be one of relaxation and tranquility.