Price $ 30.00 DOUBLE

1 DOUBLE BED, 2 single beds, PRIVATE BATHROOM, Private Kitchenette

The Quero are the Incas direct descendants, known locally as Q'ero, who reside in the Andes mountains of Peru, people who had escaped to the 'villages in the clouds' when the Spanish invaders were forcing many into slavery. There, they kept and safe-guarded their sacred knowledge for centuries.

The Q'eros has miraculously preserved orally their sacred Inca healing traditions and ceremonies, passed down from one generation to the next, whilst maintaining a close connection with the spirits of their homeland.

This room is located in Kai Pacha (the ground floor), and includes a double bed, private bathroom, and cable television. Two large windows plus a light colour pallete, make Pachamama a bright and comfortable room; people will feel the warm presence of Mother Earth during their stay.